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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

BYE BUYS! Online Sale Room Open

I usually try to avoid New Year's Resolutions.  Although I could benefit from a diet, better exercise routine, etc. I rarely articulate these specific personal goals this time of year.  Just too famously disappointing as these types of things usually go unfulfilled in the long run.

But this year I did set a business goal to clean out my studio.  As you can see on the side bar to the right, I already sell off extra jewelry making supplies in an etsy store (if you make jewelry, check it out - I sell items pretty much at what I paid for them, or less, just to clear them out and create a little cash for buying new stuff!).  But that only partially addresses the amount of stuff I have in my studio.  So I have set up an online sale room where you can buy items from almost all my collections for mostly 50% - 60% off!  Click here to check it out.

So, please, help me with my New Year's Resolution, and by doing so you will reap some real benefits.  Beautiful jewelry at great prices!


Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Fur and Jewelry

Over the holiday season I did a few trunk shows with my friend David Kriegsman, who owns and operates Kriegsman Furs and Luxury Outerwear.  David runs the oldest and most respected furrier in North Carolina.  Kriegsman Furs was established in 1928 by David's father and the family tradition reaches back to the 1870s where David's family were prominent Austrian furriers.  

For one customer, David designed some fox muffs as gifts for the customer's daughters.  She bought two of my vintage collage brooches to add to the gift.  Here are photos of the finished products - testimony to the wonderful fit between fur and jewelry!

David is a hard-working and creative businessman, and talented designer.  And he has impeccable taste! He sells outerwear fashion from big name designers and designs and produces his own wonderful designs.  For many years he has remodeled and repaired furs and leather outerwear for his customers.  Combining this in-house sewing capability with his innate sense of fashion and design, he produces limited edition items of his own.  Notably, he has designed some fabulous capes using the best Italian cashmere - some are trimmed with fur and some with intricate leather appliques.

The Kriegsman website says "come visit our retail store, trying them on is so much fun".  And I have to admit after spending days selling my jewelry along-side all these luscious furs no statement could be more true!  You can't help but touch, stroke and, yes, slip into one of his gorgeous coats just for the fun of it.