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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Uber-Creative Women

Once a month I get together with a handful of wonderfully creative women entrepreneurs. Most of us are solo-entrepreneurs, all in creative businesses, and we join together to have a comfortable place to bounce around business ideas, to commiserate and celebrate, and feel connected to like spirits. Our evenings usually involve a few bottles of wine, some delicious food and good times.

Tammy Milani
Last night we met at the home of the wonderfully talented Tammy Milani of Milani Home. Warm and delicious hospitality is what Tammy is all about. She is about family, friends, love and food.  This passion for the shared experience around the table is what drives her tableware designs. Each piece of her hand-thrown and hand-painted porcelain is created with the intention to bring harmony and beauty to the rituals of everyday life.

Her table had a warm, inviting glow from lovely candles

Tammy is from a large restaurant-owning family that originates from Lebanon. She describes her memories of abundant and loving family meals:
There were times, even as a young girl, that I was struck by how beautiful those moments were, from the light in the room, to the glorious smell, and of course the love.  I remember sitting back and looking at the picture of the long table filled with food and family and thinking that everything is so perfect and beautiful, it’s a shame the plates and platters don’t seem to reflect the love and artistry that went into their contents.  They should be as beautiful as this moment and one day when I grow up I’ll design my own.
And that she did. And on them she serves her expertly prepared Middle Eastern foods (she also did a series of cooking demonstrations on TV from her own beautiful kitchen - next Food Network Star???).

Tammy's trio of hummus - recipes are on her blog

And now, she has launched a food blog (uh oh, I think I buried the lead here)! You can get in on the ground floor and subscribe to Who Made the Hummus and not miss a single one of her delicious and authentic Middle Eastern recipes (authentic like olive oil ON the hummus, not IN it...). You’ll find it right HERE... Make one of these hummus recipes and then Bil-hana wa ash-shifa - may you have your meal with gladness and health!
(Okay, I admit that little bit of Arabic is from a translation website - hope I got it right!)