c o n t e m p l a t i o n s a n d i n s p i r a t i o n s o f a n a r t i s a n j e w e l r y d e s i g n e r

About Me

Cultures cross in the jewelry I create incorporating eclectic gemstones, ethnographic and vintage components and original hand fabrications - all in ample and generous pieces. 

I am inspired most by the organic designs of nature, cultures around the world, other visual artists, and the many wonderful women who wear my work.  All of these things and more influence my jewelry.  

My private studio is a creative space, filled with extensive collections of turquoise, jade, coral, amber and pearls.  It brims with a diverse assortment of tibetan pendants, tribal beads, antique carved jade and many other components from cultures around the world.  The endless colors, shapes and textures of the materials provide endless inspiration.  

My goal is to offer beautiful jewelry that women can wear to express their sense of self and style.  I aim for my work to reflect the richness and meaning found in different cultures, and the breathtaking color and texture of nature.  All toward the celebrated, age-old tradition of self-adornment.

Many years ago I studied the History of Art at Rutgers University and the University of London before going on to receive an MBA.  After a successful corporate career in consumer products, fashion apparel and textiles I launched Judith Altman Designs.  This life as Artist/Entrepreneur enables me to live happily at the intersection of art and commerce.