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Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Artisan Collection by Mason Altman - "the touch of the artisan in every piece"

I am so excited to announce a new line called MASON ALTMAN, which is a collaboration between myself and Wendi Mason of the Indigo Bead Studio. This is an affordable, hand crafted line which we have carefully designed and is being made by artisans in both Bali and the US. Debuting with Fall 2007, The Artisan Collection utilizes hand crafted materials, assembled by hand. This results in jewelry that still has the touch of the artisan in every piece.

The collection is a highly coordinated collection featuring hand forged brass, turquoise, red coral, quartz and freshwater pearls. Each piece is designed to work alone, or together in combinations, multiplying the possibilities each day for the woman wearing it!

Texture. Movement. The play of light off the surface. This jewelry has a soul. It is real jewelry for real women! Here is a sneak peek...

If you are a retailer and are interested in this new line, we will be launching at Accessories The Show at the Venetian in Las Vegas, August 27-29. Come and see us in booth 339!

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