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Thursday, April 23, 2009

jewelry for you AND your home!

In a few days the Spring highpointMARKET starts. As always I will be at Suites at Market Square (M-320) with a large collection of new necklaces, earrings, bracelets, cufflinks and (new!) brooches. Stop by and shop - all wholesale prices and no minimum!

For the past year-plus I have had the pleasure of working with two very innovative women, Sheryl Bryan and Patricia Chrisley, on the launch of their new company, JuJu. They are offering a fabulous new product - jewelry for your home! Beautiful gem encrusted ornaments that you can drape over a headboard (or on an armoire, or mantel, or...anywhere) to add a gorgeous detail and focal point to a room. These pieces are encrusted with pearls, amethyst, garnets, turquoise...and are punctuated with carved pieces of jade and cinnebar. They are covered in hammered metals and lucious metallic printed leather.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working on these designs and with the fabulous team that Patricia and Sheryl have pulled together. Hopefully you will see my signature on these pieces. I am certain that if you enjoy my jewelry you will enjoy these JuJus! These pieces are all individually produced and hand- made in the USA.

Their website is www.myjujustyle.com and they have a facebook page (become a fan!). They will be at highpointMARKET at Villas at Showplace, space 1101. So definitely stop by and see this exciting new product.

Meanwhile, here are a few photos.

This last photo is of a pair of curtain tie-backs with a hammered copper center (don't they look like cufflinks?). These are the result of an exciting design collaboration with Lyn Hurst of Lyn Hurst Designs. In addition to the JuJu furniture jewelry pieces, JuJu is offering a coordinated collection of headboards, cornices and tie-backs -- all jewelry-inspired and gemstone encrusted!

Really folks, these things are beautiful so if you are in High Point stop by Villas at Showplace, or just keep track of this on the web, on my blog, and in the inevitable media coverage.

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