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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Size Matters

There are few things that I love more than watching women shop and try on jewelry. What we select often has to do with a specific outfit, a particular piece of clothing or material like a birthstone. What strikes me is that some women know so well what works for them, and others have preconceived ideas that are not always right. Size of jewelry is one of them. "I'm too small to wear this" or "I'm too big to wear this" is so often uttered and so often incorrect. Significant, statement making pieces can really be worn by everyone with the guidance of a few basic concepts.

The size of the materials in a necklace and its construction should correspond to the features of your face not to the frame of your body. In other words, someone with fine, detailed features, no matter their body size, can wear significant pieces of jewelry made up of smaller beads and components - such as multiple strands of smaller beads. A woman with larger features - large eyes or a big smile - can wear large stones or pendants, no matter how petite her frame. Either woman can wear something substantial and statement-making by donning either multi-strands of smaller stones or pearls, or singular larger stones and pendants. Body size really doesn't matter - which is why jewelry shopping is so much more rewarding than clothing shopping. Something always fits!

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