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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Announcing the Tokens and Icons Collection

Since ancient times charms with special symbols were used to bring blessings and guard against evil, sickness and all kinds of misfortune. Protective images were worn on the body to bring good luck, to heal, enhance fertility and ward off evil. This new collection - Tokens and Icons - honors many traditions and symbols of protection and blessing.

This Spring 2010 collection highlights multi-cultural protective and spiritual symbols. In the photo above there is a Buddhist auspicious sign, a persian coin, a protective key escutcheon, the symbol of Solomon, an Egyptian scarab and a St Francis medal. Each are hung on freshwater pearls that have been hand knotted on leather. They look great alone, or layered with other pieces in the collection or pieces you may already own.

This upcoming line includes a Blessed Buddha collection highlighting Buddha amulets and Auspicious Monk medals that have undergone a sanctification ceremony involving prayers and blessings by respected Buddhist monks in Thailand. By the monks recitation of prayers it is believed that they are able to concentrate their mystic power which is then transferred to the amulet.

The collection is multi-cultural and highlights many symbols -- the Hamsa or Hand of Fatima, Kabbalah amulets, Coptic crosses, vintage love tokens, antique I Ching coins, Buddha amulets and Hindu gods and goddesses. Many of the pendants and charms are vintage and are from far away places. Their patina and wear is evidence of their remarkable history.

Even if you don't believe in their magical powers, the amulets are all quite lovely and represent the beliefs of others throughout history. The intention of the artist and believer who created them is true, and vintage pieces are imbued with the power that was felt by others who wore them before you.

These are eye-catching pieces that conjure magical and spiritual messages. Adorn yourself with something both beautiful and full of meaning!

Coming soon online.

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