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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

highpointMARKET, just around the corner

Twice a year I fill my showroom in High Point with loads of goodies for the highpointMARKET.  This is a 6-day market, previously known as the International Home Furnishings Market.  I look forward to this market every time.  And this season I have developed a great collection.  Lots of new Signature Collection pieces, and some new collections as well.  

So if you attend highpointMARKET, stop by and take a break from your hectic pace.  Pick up some hand-made artisan jewelry.  If you have a store it will be a perfect complement for what you are scouting in the High Point showrooms, and if you just need a treat for yourself (we know you deserve it) we can help with that as well.

We are still in the Suites at Market Square on the mezzanine level (that's one floor up from ground level).  Although everything was remodeled last year, we are essentially in the same area as before, down the aisle from Panera Bread.

We look forward to seeing you in High Point!

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