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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Judith Altman Designs on the Blogs

You may have noticed the photo credit on my website home page -- Debbie Hayes of Faux Design Studio.  Debbie is an extraordinary artist who does faux finishes of practically anything on practically anything.  You want wood to look like stone?  You want your ceiling to look like the tiles of a palace in Marrakesh? You want something new to look old, or something old to look new?  Debbie is your person.
Silver-leaf wall treatment by Debbie Hayes

One other thing about Debbie is that she always has her camera nearby and her artistic eye instructs what and how she shoots.  We were together last spring at a trunk show and during a quiet time we played with her finishes, my jewelry, a particularly nice slant of light and her camera.  That resulted in some beautiful photos.  To see them on her blog click here.
Tibetan Bracelets photographed by Debbie Hayes

Then last month the exotic and sophisticated design blog Artnlight wrote about Debbie and about our collaborative photo shoot.  Artnlight is the blog of Vineeta Nair, and ex-advertising and art director in Mumbai, India who now writes about design, decor and India.

She has been featured in Elle Decor and it is no wonder.  Her blog is beautiful and interesting and the products she designs are lovely.  I feel a trip to India in my future (I always imagine travel to wonderful places!) and I will certainly be looking her up when I do get there.  Meanwhile, click here to read her lovely blog entry.  Be sure to scroll down through all of the stunning images of Debbie's work to the images from our joint photo shoot.  Then click on her link for her work and see the beautiful items she makes.  Here is one:
One of Vineeta Nair's beautiful boxes

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vineeta said...

Judith, thank you for this shout out :) I am an admirer of your work. Its so cool to see my blog mentioned on yours! :) Have a brilliant day!