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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

BYE BUYS! Online Sale Room Open

I usually try to avoid New Year's Resolutions.  Although I could benefit from a diet, better exercise routine, etc. I rarely articulate these specific personal goals this time of year.  Just too famously disappointing as these types of things usually go unfulfilled in the long run.

But this year I did set a business goal to clean out my studio.  As you can see on the side bar to the right, I already sell off extra jewelry making supplies in an etsy store (if you make jewelry, check it out - I sell items pretty much at what I paid for them, or less, just to clear them out and create a little cash for buying new stuff!).  But that only partially addresses the amount of stuff I have in my studio.  So I have set up an online sale room where you can buy items from almost all my collections for mostly 50% - 60% off!  Click here to check it out.

So, please, help me with my New Year's Resolution, and by doing so you will reap some real benefits.  Beautiful jewelry at great prices!


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