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Monday, April 11, 2011

Travelog: San Francisco, Atlanta, DC

I love to travel but the first few months of this year left me cherishing a night in my own bed.  Starting with the huge International Gem Show in Tucson, followed by some time in San Francisco, Atlanta, and DC.  And then all of that followed with a trip to Istanbul and Cappadocia, Turkey.  Stay tuned for a full set of photos from Turkey.  Meanwhile, here are some images from my time in the various US cities I visited, taken on my wanderings. 

The gorgeous rotunda at the Neiman Marcus building in the 
old City of Paris building in San Francisco

 Inside the Eastern Market in DC, the oldest enclosed
market in the US

 A notice board on the Emory University campus in Atlanta

 A classic facade in Old Alexandria, VA

 Lobby at the Ritz Carlton in Atlanta

 Lobby of the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in SF

 Only in San Francisco - Panhandler who takes credit cards

 Should this little car have to pay the same for parking as the big ones?

 Love the architecture in our Nation's Capitol

Near the old neighborhood in San Francisco
This was our old neighborhood in San Francisco.  
I always loved this little sign on all the corners...

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