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Friday, May 20, 2011

The Colors of Turkey

I continue to be inspired by my recent trip to Turkey.  I already shared pictures of the amazing tiles, but this time I am sharing the colors - it is such a vivid place with many palettes.  While Istanbul is vivid and energizing, I also spent some time in Cappadoccia, in the eastern Anatolian region.  Here the palette is subtle, sandy and accented with blue skies. 
Enjoy the colors of Turkey!

At the Spice Market in Istanbul 

Fresh pomegranite juice on the street in Istanbul 

Vegetable dyed yarns destined to be woven into beautiful Turkish rugs

Old pots in the entry of a modern day pottery in an ancient cave in Cappadoccia  

Ancient caves in Cappadoccia

Cappadoccia, in the Anatolia area in the east of Turkey, has the most unusual landscapes

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Divinite' Jewellry said...

I am taking the time to go through your blog. You really are a world wide traveler. I am in class right now and I am taking time to look at the pictures in your blog. I will read your blog once I get home to read about your experiences. I am very happy to read about your travels. Thank you for sharing them with us!