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Tuesday, June 08, 2010


One of my creative outlets is photography.  While most of my focus (pun intended) over the last few years has been on taking pictures of my jewelry (a whole world unto itself!), I have recently found a renewed interest in taking pix of the world around me.  Often the only camera that I have with me is my iPhone and I end up taking the picture with it, often disappointed with the results.

So today, I downloaded a new photography app on my iPhone called Camera+ and I am blown away.  It does all kinds of magic and gives you all kinds of magic editing tools.  If you want a techie review, search Google for one.  I just wanted to share my excitement!  I feel like I got a shiny new toy and I am thrilled.  

So, here are some photos that I edited just a bit and to which I added borders.  The flower pot is on my front step, and I just went outside this afternoon and snapped it.  The others were on my camera roll on my phone.  From last winter from the dining room window and two from a trip to Vietnam.  I trust you will know which is which.  What do you think?

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