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Monday, May 24, 2010

Accentuate the Positives: Discover the Perfect Earrings for Unique You

By Intern and Guest Blogger, Jenny Kaplan

Finding the right earrings has a lot to do with your face shape.  A basic rule of thumb: earrings with the same shape as your face emphasize that shape while earrings that contrast with your face shape do the opposite.  The earrings that are unlike the shape of your face usually make your face seem more oval—the so-called “perfect” shape.  
Oval face (face is longer than it is wide, jaw line can be slightly smaller than the hairline, both are rounded)
  • You are the luckiest of all! Pretty much all earrings shapes look good on you!
Square face (strong jaw line, cheek bones, chin, and hairline are about the same width, length and width of the face are the same)
  • Emphasize the more angular features of your face with square earrings or earrings that have sharp angles or make your face look rounder (especially your jawline) by wearing earrings with a rounder shape.  
  • Rounded earrings will draw attention away from the jaw and make your face look longer. 
Triangular face (narrow brow and wider jaw line)
  • Wearing earrings that are smaller on top and wider on the bottom mirror your face shape and amplify it. 
  • To make your face look more oval you should wear earrings that sit on the ears (rather than below) and are more uniform in width.  
Round face (soft and curved with equal length and width)
  • Round earrings, especially button-shaped, will make your face look more round.  Dangly earrings, whether angular or curved, make your face less round and longer.
Heart shaped face (wide brow and narrow chin) 
  • Earrings that are wider at the top and pointed at the bottom will emphasize your sharper chin.  Drop earrings will make the top and bottom halves of your face look more balanced.  
Now that you have these basic rules have fun trying different shapes and seeing what you like best on yourself! I know that I’ve certainly started choosing my earrings more carefully!
Coming soon: the simplified rules for necklaces!

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