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Thursday, May 06, 2010

My new addiction

By Intern and Guest Blogger, Jenny Kaplan
How to Wear this Turquoise Necklace
How to Wear this Turquoise Necklace by jkaplan

I have found a website that will change my life forever. It’s called Polyvore and I have spent an embarrassing number of hours perusing the site to make “sets”. To make a set you pick clothing, jewelry, accessories, beauty products and other stuff and put it together like a collage page in a magazine. You can even click on cute items that you find and be directed where to buy them!
In order to feed this new addiction, I decided that every weekday I’m going to make a set with a different Judith Altman Designs piece—kind of a “how to wear” series—and post it here. If you like it, you should click through to Polyvore and “like it” there!
Coming up soon we’re going to do a contest on Polyvore for the best set made with a Judith Altman Designs piece. There are going to be exciting prizes so you should start warming up and playing on Polyvore now!

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